Maintenance and  Repair  Service for heavily damaged  body/box  of  the reefers general purpose (dry) Container  and various type of equipment by experience technician.


1. Repair and replace internal and external wall,  ceiling , T-Floor delamination, crossmembers, top and  bottom rail,  and roof.  Wall and Ceiling insulation using NON-CFC type of PU foamed-in- place  followed IICL /or GeSeaCo /or Owner specified instruction to be approved by third party  inspection.
2. Repair and replace structural steel pillar and equipment frame,  top and 

Bottom   marine aluminum rail ,  cross-members, door and accessories .
3. Paint coating and Decal  installation.
4. Rebuilt compressor with genuine parts from manufacturer
5. Refurbish all equipment and body.

Box Refurbishment

Body/Box refurbishmentand Spare Parts for both steel and aluminum boxes.
1. Minor damaged patching work and repair on site.
2. Heavily damaged boxes are done in our covered factory building.
3. Equipped with large airblasting facilities and airless coating of the surface. Airblast cleaning is done by using copper slag to standard S.A. 2.5 , 60 micron profile surface roughness.
4. Paint coating according to standard procedure or any specification to meet your your requirement. Coating inspection is performed to check the DFT (dry film thickness in microns) with measuring instrument to assure the quality of the coating.
5. Available stocks of parts for different models, such as aluminum top rail, bottom rail, crossmembers, coving, front and rear corner posts, wall panel, corner fittings, and door accessories to meet your need.
6. PU insulation foamed-in-place are performed with foaming machine to the minimum density of 40 Kg./Litre.
7. Replacement of parts are performed based on IICL or GeSeaCo standard procedure.
8. Qualified personnels with IICL training certificates.