Reefer Specialist

  1. Sales, Rental and Leasing of refurbished refrigerated container
    for static storage and transportation of perishables,
    agriculture produces, frozen products, sensitive chemicals,
    flavors in domestic market.
  2. Rental of Under Slung  Generator Set for trucking of reefers.
  3. Reefer Specialist  in refrigerated container maintenance & repair (M&R)
    and refurbishment of container body and refrigeration equipment.
    Service in pre-trip inspection (PTI), in-bound/outbound monitoring,
    survey, plug-in onboard.
  4. Total Container Care  concept
  5. Maintenance and  Repair  Service for  refrigerating equipment, electronic controller,
    damaged  body/box  of  the reefers   and general purpose (dry) Container

Machinery and Motor Repair 

    1. Compressor  repair & complete overhaul replace with genuine  spare parts  Under Warranty .
    2. Motor repair and rewinding